The Parson’s Pond Ice Fest

By Michael Wejchert | July 4, 2023

    “I wonder if Keith is dead,” someone said. We (well, Dustin) were still driving north, having taken the ferry to Newfoundland the night before. Dustin Cormier’s eyes pointed forwards, finding the driving line so the trailer wouldn’t fishtail in the slop; the trailer being filled with two snow machines and three cases of…

A Song of Ice and Fire (I couldn’t resist)

By Michael Wejchert | March 29, 2019

In 1980, New England hardman Kurt Winkler stole across the border to snatch the first ascent of Pomme D’or, one of the finest ice climbs on the east coast. This must have smarted the locals as much as the 2012 robbery of 10,000—10,000—barrels of maple syrup from Quebec’s reserves. Winkler’s guiding the FA might have…

On Vacation

By Michael Wejchert | November 20, 2018

Week three on the glacier and things had gotten a little loose. Almost everyone had flown home. It was snowing.

A photo from a Presidential range traverse in March, 2014. You can see the cog tracks, and where a hotel would go. Mount Washington can still feel wild sometimes…

A Building Too Far.

By Michael Wejchert | December 3, 2016

On a mountain pocked with buildings, it is difficult to decide where, if anywhere, to draw the line.

Burning the Midnight Oil

By Michael Wejchert | October 23, 2016

When I am broken (once a year) I become excited about trail running.